I have always felt inspired by the sea and boating. I think it’s the independence and peace that fascinate me. As soon as I step onto a boat, I am overwhelmed with joy and a positive feeling. So much so that it has never been “IF” but “WHEN” I will be able to fulfill my dream and buy myself a boat. The past 30 years were so swamped with everyday life that my dream repeatedly disappeared into the depths of my subconscious. Every time that I had to face yet another difficult stage of life, this deeply routed urge for freedom on the boat resurfaced. It was exactly these phases in which I pushed this wish further into reality. During a personality seminar 5 years ago I became aware that to make this wish come true I had to clearly define my goals and, something much more important, I had to consistently implement those goals. Otherwise the dream would just stay a dream and I would forever keep running on the “hamster wheel of habit”. According to the motto “Once I’m retired, I will…” A health setback (which had a happy ending) finally shook me awake and gave my implementation plans a turbo boost. Together with my long-term partner and great love Angelika, my life took a 180 degree turn and we are now realizing this dream together. Ever since we have been walking this path together, my quality of life has incredibly increased and I look forward to getting up every day and working on the realization. The boat has been ordered and if everything works out, we will set sail in the second half of 2024.


I would like to call myself a “child of the sun”, since I have been very lucky in my life so far. My greatest happiness are my three children Anna, Josef and Julius. Because of my connection to flowers and plants, I have run a very successful florist shop. The element of water has always been a very big feeling for me, so the decision to set off to new shores with my heartfelt Marius was not difficult.