What is the idea behind the project?

Our idea was to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the growing yacht and charter market. Given the challenges posed to the oceans by motor yachts, it was important for us to find a motor yacht powered by alternative energy sources and thus contribute to the protection of the oceans and their inhabitants.

The SOLERINAYACHT is a motor yacht with an electric motor that generates energy with the help of photovoltaic cells on the roof of the boat. This energy is stored in batteries, allowing the yacht to operate silently. The electric propulsion avoids creating noise that could put ocean dwellers in unnecessary stress or interfere with their orientation.

From the summer season of 2025, the SOLERINAYACHT will be available in Croatia as a charter boat for vacations and workshops, as well as a scenery boat for advertising purposes. If the pilot project develops positively, we plan to include other models with alternative propulsion in our concept.  

In addition to the environmentally friendly propulsion, we are planning to actively participate in the ocean cleanup with other partners through an project. More information about this project will be announced in the near future.